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When your favorite pet became ill, it can affect not only your pet but your entire family. Making sure you have the proper pet insurance coverage should an emergency happen is very important. while its true that most vet bills amount to less than a few hundred dollars there could be the time when you cannot afford the bill, or worse you don't get the treatment at all for your dog or cat because it was just to much.

Believe it or not thousands of people every year have their dogs or cats put to sleep simply because they didn't have pet insurance and could not pay for the treatment. Don't let yourself fall into that trap, because often its not because of the age of the animal that it is put down but at times could be a young and vibrant beloved pet that got some strange illness or injury.

Even if you think you will be able to handle the costs, often times people simply don't have the funds to cover a major expense. Some procedures could bankrupt a person and costs can add up to five or ten thousand dollars when a major illness that requires ongoing treatment occurs. Luckily there are a number of providers which allow you to apply and get approved for affordable pet insurance online. Below you will find some of the top insurance companies that offer plans for dogs and cats, although you can also find insurance for exotic pets.